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Event: 'Level 1 Trauma Center Gives Back To The Community During Mardi Gras'

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Date: Monday, February 23, 2009 At 08:00 AM

Level 1 Trauma Center Gives Back to the Community During Mardi Gras

Medical Services Available at 1927 Tulane Avenue

Emergency Department overload is a
major problem for the already full emergency departments (EDs) in all
of the hospitals during Mardi Gras in the greater New Orleans area.
Most of the patients coming into the EDs have only minor complaints
but will occupy bed space and take the time of patient care providers.

To relieve this problem during the 2009 Mardi Gras weekend and on
Mardi Gras day and to make the best use of ED space and personnel for
sicker patients and trauma patients, the Interim LSU Public Hospital
Level 1 Trauma Center has taken a lead on providing care for the Mardi
Gras Temporary Urgent Care Center (MGTUCC).

The Trauma Center will facilitate the urgent care center by handling
minor medical and trauma emergencies at its tent location at 1927
Tulane Avenue.
The facility will be staffed by board-certified emergency physicians,
residents, registered nurses, paramedics, and EMTs. If a patient seen
at the medical tent requires a higher level of care or requires
x-rays, a fully staffed ambulance will be available to transport the
patient to the Trauma Center.

The American College of Surgeons believes that a trauma center has a
special obligation to the community by participating in disaster
preparation and management. Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a major
tourist attraction that brings large crowds to the city. The MGTUCC
will help relieve area hospitals of minor cases that can potentially
fill up their EDs. The Trauma Center has accepted the challenge of
being the leader in this vital endeavor.