Mardi Gras Bourbon Street Awards

February 27 2014 | Uncategorized

The most famous drag queen contest in America is in New Orleans.


Over four decades old, this event started out as a one-time novelty to help promote a French Quarter hamburger joint (Clover Grill). It is now a major contest each Mardi Gras Day.

This year's extravaganza is located on the corner of Boubon Street and St Ann Street, in the heart of the city's gay and lesbian district. Colorful, elaborate and flamboyant costumes compete for top honors. This flashy spectacle defies most imagination.

So come on down to the French Quarter, rain or shine, on March 4 - Mardi Gras Day - to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. And grab a hamburger at the Clover Grill.

It's the ultimate Mardi Gras adventure!

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