Specialty Cocktails: Serving Up A Little Something Special

October 2 2014 | Dining

“We’re a family!” That philosophy resonates throughout Maison Dupuy from the minute you’re greeted at the door. With 15 employees who have been at Maison Dupuy for 15 years or longer (some almost 40!), we really do have a special bond. So to celebrate, we’ve concocted 16 specialty cocktails to share with someone else we feel is special: you! These creatively crafted concoctions can be found at our Bistreaux courtesy our director of outlets, John Jackson.

Nora 1976: We start our list with Nora 1976, because she’s graced us with her presence since 1976! Although nothing can be quite as sweet as Nora Waters, the drink comes close with beefeater 24, strawberry, lime juice, and basil infused simple syrup! 

Margarita Juanita: This tasty concoction is one of our favorites! Named after our very own Juanita Taylor, the sweet and slightly sour mix perfectly with Sauza Commemorativo, watermelon liqueur, and ginger-lime syrup!

Oh Delores! Fashioned after Delores Watson, this tasty treat comes complete with Absolut Rasberri, muddled raspberries, club soda, lemon juice, and champagne!

Save Me Sonia! Mixed with Cruzaan rum, blood orange puree, muddled mint and ginger beer, you’ll be in paradise after the first sip.

Glady, Don’t Be Madras: If you like tangy, you love this gem made with Absolut Mandrin, Solerno, cayenne, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Sailor Gregg’s Paradise Punch: This punch packs plenty of New Orleans flavor, just like Gregg Avila, with Sailor Jerry rum, grenadine, lemon, lime, pineapple, and orange juice.

Danielle Royale: Named after Danielle Jordan, this drink oozes royalty in the form of St. Germain, Peychaud’s, bitters, sugar cube, and sparkling wine.

The “Mitch” Julep: Our very own Mitch exudes the essence of this classic cocktail made of Maker’s Mark bourbon, simple syrup, and fresh mint.

Hurricane Dana: We’ve been enjoying the ride ever since Hurricane Dana Crabtree hit us in 1999. What better way to celebrate with a fruity favorite in the form of Cruzan rum, Cruzan 151, passion fruit, orange and lime juice.

Marvelous Marv’s Milk Punch: This mix of brandy, vanilla, milk, and nutmeg is marvelous just like our Marvin Bell.

Larry’s Love Potion: You’ll love this “love potion” almost as much as you’ll love Larry Butler. Pinnacle Whipped vodka, Godiva White, milk, strawberry puree, and shaved chocolate will leave you loving life.

Pam, Yes Ma’am: This drink comes with a little sass, just like our fun-loving Pamela Westcott: Frangelico, Bailey’s, coffee, and whipped cream.

Squirrely Shirley: This crème de Noyaux, white Crème de Cacao, and cream  dream will make is to die for!

Coco For Café Pat:  Eveything Patricia Marchand touches turns fancy, so if you’re in for  a treat, try our Avion Espresso tequila, coconut milk, and chocolate syrup.

**Linda-Cello: Coming soon is a unique, handcrafted Limon cello with a Maison Dupuy twist!

Plus, when you order one of these specialty cocktails, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Café Reconcile, an organization striving to build a brighter future and a better community in New Orleans.

They’re all delicious, of course! So come in and try them all (just maybe not all at once!) 

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