4 Ways To Keep Your Cool This Summer At Maison Dupuy

June 18 2015 | Our Hotel

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy in the Big Easy. Summer’s a great time to visit the city, with fewer crowds and lower rates. Keeping cool, however, can be a challenge. Don’t sweat it (literally), we’ve got a few helpful hints for beating the heat.

Drink a cold cocktail or brisk beer from the Bistreaux: The Bistreaux has some the best bartenders in the Big Easy, bar none. Whether you want to cozy up to the bar while you soak in the French Quarter view (in the comfort of the refreshing AC) or take a cold one to the courtyard, nothing cools you down quite like your favorite perfectly made cocktail. Fan favorites include our Juanita Margarita and Hurricane Dana. See our complete list.

Take a dip in the pool: Surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens in our French Quarter courtyard, you’ll feel refreshed the minute your toes touch the water. Jump in the deep in and immerse yourself in the cool,refreshing water or just wade in the shallow end and soak in the view. Pro Tip: A cold drink in the cool water is pure heaven on a sweltering summer day.

Take a cold shower: During the dog days of summer, we suggest getting an early start to your adventures around the city. Spend the morning exploring the sights and sounds, then head back to the hotel before the heat of the day. As you’ll quickly realize, there’s hot, and then there’s New Orleans. The best way rid your body of the sticky humidity is to take a shower – a really cold one. It will leave you feeling rejuvenated and smelling fresh.

Settle in for a cat nap: Who doesn’t love a cold shower followed by nap? After all, we’re sure you’ve earned it –exploring New Orleans is exhilarating but afternoon naps can be necessary. So take full advantage of your vacation and our comfortable beds. When you wake up, you’ll be energized and ready to take on the New Orleans nightlife. Bonus: To help you unwind before your nap, curl up with a novel set in New Orleans and let your imagination take you to the familiar places you’ve explored during the day as you drift into a peaceful rest.

If this sounds like the perfect way to spend your summer vacation (and it absolutely is, trust us), book a stay. We've got some great summer specials going on! 

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