Chilly in New Orleans

January 22 2014 | Uncategorized

There is nothing like temperatures in New Orleans dipping down into the 30s in Januuary. No we are not snowed in. No we do not have the icy sub zero temps that our Northern friends bear day after day. But we are also located in the South where most of our clothes consist of flip flops and tshirts and shorts. It's a little tough to do chilly in New Orleans. They tell us we are the beginning of the Carribean - island life ifyou will. No worries, take it easy in the Big Easy.

What better way to warm up than staying at the Maison Dupuy and sipping on an Irish Coffee in tthe Bitreaux. Our Southern hospitality will haveyyou relaxing and getting comfortable in no time! Check out our special rates for the winter season.

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